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Umina Flooring Solutions is a professional flooring and polish company that provides the perfect flooring system for your property. Our reliable and professional installers ensure the excellent Epoxy paint in Winnipeg for commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural properties. Umina Flooring Solutions has a well-trained and skilled team capable of handling any project. Here are some Epoxy flooring services we provide as a flooring contractor:


Umina Flooring Solutions provides a wide range of flooring, polishing, and concrete repair solutions for industrial and commercial clients in Canada. Epoxy floorings are long-lasting, easy to clean, and slip-resistant. If you are looking for an ideal flooring for your commercial building or business premises, Epoxy paint gives a stunning touch to everything from the office floors to the parking garage.

Umina Flooring Solutions recommends epoxy paints and coating solutions for spaces with high traffic. So, Epoxy is ideal for protecting your surfaces from spills, and you can clean and sanitary rooms easily. Usually, rough areas like warehouses, basements, garages, and plant areas need protection from chemicals. As the commercial epoxy floor contractors, we provide all services for your commercial floors; preparation of the surface, enhancement of floor, concrete staining, and polishing and coating.


You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garage with an epoxy flakes system. A professional installer will recommend your epoxy flake flooring to decorate your concrete floor if you want a long-lasting and attractive garage. This flooring system is highly versatile as you can blend different color chips to give a unique look to the floor. Umina Flooring Solutions installs an epoxy flake system with exceptional finish and lifetime adhesion.


Umina Flooring Solutions help you choose the right coating for your basement floor, garage floor, patio, or porch as per your specific need. Our team is highly skilled at the restoration of a variety of surfaces and structures using Epoxy paint in Winnipeg. If you wish to repair or renovate your residential floor, we come up with the most durable and functional flooring for the area.

Why should you choose Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floors are durable even under high traffic and rough surfaces like industrial warehouses, basements, and garages. An average paint gives you a thin coverage, whereas Umina Flooring Solutions is a commercial epoxy floor contractor that gives you five times thicker flooring for vehicles and heavy equipment mobility. An epoxy floor is fire and heat-resistant, so it keeps you and your spaces safe. 

Epoxy paint and coating keep your premises clean as the coating becomes hard; it's easy to wipe off debris, dust, and dirt. Epoxy flooring is the best option to maintain sanitary care in food and beverage industries and commercial sites.

The epoxy coating gives a glossy touch to your floor, which makes it attractive. You have options to choose decorative patterns, colors, and styles that brighten your spaces. At a commercial and industrial site, epoxy flooring improves, allowing faster material movement and lesser damage to the floor.

Umina Flooring Solutions use state-of-the-art flooring and polishing materials to provide high-quality and lasting coverage. Epoxy flooring cost at Umina Flooring Solutions is highly affordable, considering there is no need for regular maintenance of the surfaces for years.

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